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VM Art Gallery is not just an exhibition space but also actively interacts with institutions and cultural missions through various collaborative projects. The gallery has regular interaction with international galleries for the promotion of Pakistani contemporary art and works hard to bring international art to the people of Karachi. The gallery works closely with organizations such as VASL which is part of the Triangle Arts Trust Network based in Pakistan, it is a platform for Contemporary Pakistani Art and Artists a non-for profit art organization, which the Rangoonwala Trust also funds.

Cooperation between the two has led to many specialized workshops and residences highlighting both regional and international talents, lectures, films, documentaries, and seminars, using the VM as an inspiring venue advocating furtherance of the arts, providing facilities for professional, seasoned and emerging artists. Many of these young talents have further gone on to higher academic and artistic achievements.

Green Cardamom is another visual arts organization in London, UK, and it develops new curatorial projects through exhibitions, publications, lectures V.M Art Gallery has had many collaborations with Green Cardamom which operates on a not-for-profit basis and is supported by the Rangoonwala Foundation. Artists who have had their first shows or breaks at the VM have been picked up by Green Cardamom and have been given international exposure.

The V.M.Art Gallery has also enjoyed cordial liaisons with the foreign Pakistan based Cultural centers like the Goethe- Pakistan, the British Council, Japanese Consulate, Russian Cultural Centre, Embassy of Poland, American Embassy and many other missions bringing a variety of art and outreach programs through workshops and traveling exhibitions of some of the world‘s renowned 20th century artists for students of art; creating awareness and for the Pakistani audience to enjoy.



  • Fathay Jay Aassay Passaay

    July 1, 2010 to July 15, 2010

    Fatah Jay Aassay Paasay, curated by Hammad Nasar and Mohammad Ali Talpur, investigates the influence of renowned art teacher, artist and writer, from Hyderabad – Fatah Halepoto. The seven artists whose works feature in this exhibition have either been taught directly by Halepoto or influenced by his approach and have gone on to national, and in some cases, international success. The exhibition, Fatah Jay Aassay Paassay, has been conceived as a vehicle for some of the many young artists he inspired and mentored to pay homage to his influence through their work. Equally importantly, it explores the remarkable flourishing of raw artistic talent from Sindh.

    Mohammad Ali Talpur, one of the curators of the exhibition and a student of Halepoto himself, recalls his lessons with Halepoto, ‘Sain Fatah’, he says ‘had a vision that his students would take the imagery of Sindh and breathe life into it’. The works in this exhibition suggest that Halepoto’s students have gone beyond breathing life into the imagery of Sindh, to articulate the sense of loss and of histories re-written that find a place in the heart of many today. The erasures in the work of Imran Channa and Ahmed Ali Manganhar, or the blurring of vision in Fakeero’s drawings that create the hazy effect of seeing through water, all foreground a sense of loss. Dahiri’s drawings emulating faulty print registration bring to mind a notion of history being recorded in layers and constantly overwritten. Talpur’s drawings echo the passage of time, while Fakeero’s play with sepiatinged paper and reference time and the past.


    Exhibition Pictures